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Welcome to COME SIT WITH US.

About Us

We are a community collective that offer a variety of services to guide you through life. What do you need to let go of? 

For some its grief, shame, trauma, hurt, broken relationships, life choices etc. 

Let us help you to "shift your sh*t" from life that is no longer serving you. 

Bereavement Support

We have all suffered loss at one point in our lives. Loss of a human, pet, relationship, career or lifestyle. 

Let our bereavement coach help you unpack your grief to help you heal. 

Its ok to integrate sadness with joy and hope...we can help you on your journey

 *Sliding fee scale available*

Private and Confidential 

Energy Work

Ready or wanting a change?

Let our energy workers help you.

 They can help remove the old energy that is no longer serving you.

You will feel lighter and refreshed. 

Various services available including

Body Talk, Intuitive Health Workshops, Yoga, Reiki, Therapeutic touch & more!

Feeling unsure of attending in person services due to the pandemic? 

We pre-screen anyone in attendance before they arrive and sanitize our space after each session. We also offer virtual options for those who prefer to stay home but still want support. 

Personal Coaching & Counselling

One on one private service

Support for you and/or your family to explore "life stuff"!

We offer unique person centered services

If you have experienced childhood adult trauma, addictions, are a child of a dysfunctional parent, **disabled, etc. and want more in your life we can help!


Struggling with releasing trauma? 

We have a special coach for that!

Supports/Fees vary

**Individual funding may be available

What our customers are saying

Ivy was able to help me realize something about my Moms death. It gave me the freedom to let go of the guilt I was carrying for years and allowed me to start healing from it. 

She's right....Love never dies!

Anonymous (For confidentiality)

For an appointment call 416 726 7145

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